Back to Moon Beach (2LP Exclusive)


Ships on: July 23, 2024

Back to Moon Beach (Verve Records) is an EP by no one’s definition but Kurt Vile’s. Clocking in at just shy of an hour, this would be a long full-length record by most any other artist’s yardstick, but for Kurt, the collection is an expression of just how deep his well of non-album material runs. This limited edition deluxe LP includes a second 12" including 4 bonus songs (10 songs total). 


Side A
1. Another good year for the roses (5:34)
2. Touched somethin (caught a virus) (6:31)
3. Back to Moon Beach (8:15)

Side B
1. Like a wounded bird trying to fly (5:29)
2. Blues come for some (5:09)
3. Tom Petty’s gone (but tell him i asked for him) (8:15)

Side C
1. Must Be Santa (5:12)
2. Passenger side (3:10)

Side D
1. Cool Water (Single Mix) (4:29)
2. Constant Repeat (5:22)